6 Best Bowfishing Lights for 2021

It has long been contended that the best time for fishing occurs between dusk and dawn – under low visibility conditions.

This is why the best bowfishing lights are essential for a successful night on the water.

But with so many brands and types of lights to choose from, it can be a little overwhelming to choose the right options. 

To make your shopping adventure a little less hectic, we’ve done all the research and rounded up our pick of the best bowfishing lights of 2021!

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Best Bowfishing Lights Reviews

1 – Ustellar 2 Pack 80W LED Flood Light IP66 Waterproof Outdoor – Low Cost Option

Ustellar 2 Pack 80W LED Flood Light IP66 Waterproof Outdoor

Ustellar LED lights are ideal for muddy water thanks to their 80-watt bulbs capable of reaching 8000 lumens.

This provides great value for money and lets you peer deep into the depth of the water, even if it’s not clear.

The LED lights feature 80-watt bulbs, this should get the job done in most cases. Bowfishing is a hectic outdoor activity that requires durable tools that won’t break at the first sign of trouble.

Usetellar LED lights are waterproof with an IP66 rating. This means you can stop worrying about the lights going out and focus entirely on fishing.

For long sessions and continuous usage, Ustellar LED lights can dissipate heat with a fin-type heat sink. This increases the lifespan of the lights.  


  • Waterproof
  • Comparable to 400 Watt halogen bulbs
  • 3 years warranty


  • Non-dimmable
  • No remote control options

2- Viogreum Flood Lights – Affordable and Powerful

Viugreum 10W LED Flood Light Outdoor

If you don’t like to bring heavy items with you on fishing trips, then the Vitogreum Flood Lights is a great choice.

It features a lightweight, low profile design at only 0.5 kg for easy transport and cuts down on the space.

Packing these floodlights will no longer be a headache.

More importantly, these floodlights are rated at 50 watts and can go up to 5000 lumens. Unless you plan on lighting up the whole neighborhood, anything higher would be overkill.

Viogreum Flood Lights also come with long life and make efficient use of the battery, perfect for those extended hours of fishing.

They also feature an aluminum construction allowing the floodlights to handle a rough night out. 

The only problem is the lack of a battery option since the floodlights go straight into the electrical cord. This can be an issue if your boat is running low on power.

Other than that, we have no complaints. Definitely, one of the best bowfishing lights you’ll find anywhere.


  • Lightweight at only 0.5 kg
  • Efficient use of power
  • 50 watts
  • Aluminum build


  • No battery option

3- LEDMO 300W Outdoor LED Light – For Power Users

LEDMO 300W Soalr Street Lights Outdoor

If you want to light up the waters for longer distances and improve your fishing game, the LED lights by LEDMO perfectly fit the bill.

With a 100-watt rating and high energy efficiency, these floodlights have very few close competitors. They will save your energy bills and last longer than most floodlights with similar features.

The LEDMO LED light is outfitted with an intelligent photocell sensor that turns the lights on at dusk and turns them off at dawn – a welcome feature in any outdoor trip.

The best part is that you don’t need special tools or experience to install these LED floodlights.

You will get an instruction manual that tells you exactly how to mount them up.

There is one tiny problem though: these lights give off a green tint that some users may not like.

Other than that, you’re getting the whole package. There is little doubt that these LED lights are among the best bowfishing lights of 2021.


  • 100-watt rating that gives you more power and brightness than you need
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Light detecting sensor


  • Annoying green tint

4- Jiawill Dual Color Marine LED Spreader – Low-Profile Option 

The Jiawill LED marine deck lights provide more than sufficient lighting for any bowfishing trip.

You’ll get two LED lights capable of dual-color output to attract fish: blue and white, or red and white depending on the option you choose.

Installation is a little tricky because you’ll have to mount up a stainless bracket with nylon locknuts. The boat lights do come with an instruction manual and all the tools you need to make installation a breeze.

The aluminum alloy metal housing protects the LED bulbs from the ‘elements’, ensuring you can go for extended trips.

They’re also lightweight at only 0.8 kg and boast a low-profile design, ideal for boats that don’t have a lot of space. 


  • Bright lights with dual-color options
  • Lightweight and low profile


  • Installation may be difficult

5- LE Outdoor Flood Light – Durable Option

LE LED Flood Light, 100W 10000lm Waterproof Outdoor Flood Light

Do you have a hard time catching your fish due to low lighting?

If this happens to be the case, then you’ll need these LE outdoor flood lights, capable of outputting 22,000 lumens.

With a beam angle of 110°, you won’t have to contend with glares and shadows. Just a steady, bright light.

Another outstanding plus point is the ease of installation.

You can mount LE outdoor flood lights practically anywhere on the boat using the metal bracket.

Additionally, the boat lamp is adjustable at 150 degrees, which could make all the difference when fishing.

You will also appreciate the durability of these floodlights. They feature a heat-dissipating component to get rid of the heat – which is so common with powerful floodlights.


  • 22,000 lumens
  • Ease of installation
  • 110° beam angle to minimize issues with glaring
  • Waterproof


  • Light are not adjustable

6- Morsen 200W LED Flood Lights – Extended Outdoor Fishing

ETL Listed LED Flood Light, MORSEN 200W Ultra Bright Outdoor Flood

These floodlights fully meet your lighting needs for any outdoor trip, including bowfishing. They have earned their place of honor on our list as one of the best bowfishing lights.

At a whopping 20,000 lumens, there’s enough light here to make your fishing trip easier.

The built-in heat sink is capable of getting rid of heat as soon as it accumulates, allowing for long-term use.

It comes with shatterproof tempered glass, perfect for rugged outdoor conditions that are characteristic of so many fishing trips.

The floodlights are rated at IP66, which means it is fully waterproof.

Installation can be a little difficult because you’ll have to drill screws into your boat. That could be a deal-breaker for some users.


  • 20,000 lumens
  • 120° beam angle


  • Installation is not easy

Frequently Asked Questions

Do light bars work for bowfishing?

Yes! Lightbars, whether you use them on your bow or your boat, are a great safety precaution and important for bowfishing.

When it is dark out, you need a light in order to see the fish that are around.

This will also allow you to have more fun and not worry about nearly as many safety concerns, like shooting another person in low light.

Are LED lights good for bowfishing?

Whether or not LED lights are good for bowfishing depends on three key factors.

Lighting conditions – Are you hunting in freshwater or salt? These different types of terrain will affect your success with LED lighting as well as your ability to see your catch.

For instance, if you are hunting in fresh water at night, you can see much farther than hunting in saltwater during the day.

This is because of the fact that your eyes will become used to the different lights and conditions in each environment.

Note that the water clarity will also affect your success with LED lighting and any visibility through mud or thick vegetation.

How deep you fish – The deeper you fish, the more likely it is that you will need a brighter light. Brightness decreases exponentially with depth.

The greater the distance light has to travel and scatter through layers of water and particles, the dimmer it will appear at its destination point.

This is why LED lights are so great for bowfishing. They are able to shine brighter and farther than traditional lights because of their design.

The bow you’re using – The type of bow you are using will also affect how well you can see your catch.

You must keep in mind that the longer your shot range, the dimmer your catch will appear in the water, regardless of what type of light you have.

The way around this is to use a shorter draw length, more powerful bow, and higher quality light.

Wrapping it Up

Bowfishing can be a tough and challenging, but ultimately exciting and rewarding experience.

But to make your outdoor adventure more manageable, you need the right tools.

Bowfishing lights are an essential part of the trip – probably more important than your actual fishing gear! It’s useless to you if you can’t see what you’re doing.

By learning about the best bowfishing lights, you can make your bowfishing experience more meaningful.

See you on the water!