7 Best Bowfishing Rests for 2021

While some bowfishing rests are similar in style and functionality to bowhunting rests, the best bowfishing rests are designed specifically with the bowfishing arrow in mind.

Bowfishing rests can be found in both partial and full-containment styles, although many fishermen prefer a full-containment rest due to the amount of movement and extreme shooting angles while fishing.

Here are my recommendations for the best bowfishing rests in 2021!

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7 Best Bowfishing Rests

1- Cajun Bowfishing Biscuit Arrow Rest

Cajun Bowfishing Biscuit Arrow Rest

One type of full-containment rest for bowfishing is a whisker biscuit, such as the one offered by Trophy Ridge.

A bowfishing whisker biscuit features stronger bristles than a bowhunting whisker biscuit, which allows it to support a heavy bowfishing arrow and stand up to hard use over a long period of time.


  • Supports my heavy fishing arrows well


  • The brushes sometimes bend and send my arrows higher than intended

2- AMS 152 TIDAL Wave Rest

AMS M152 Tidal Wave Rest

The AMS Tidal Wave is a roller rest with a guard over it which the arrow can be loaded into, keeping it in place no matter what.


  • Does a great job keeping the arrow in place, which is crucial for a fast shot on a fast-moving boat
  • Fires cleanly
  • Great range and accuracy


  • Sometimes the arrow bounces when snap-shooting, which causes arrow trajectory to be a little off-kilter
  • Can be difficult to keep aligned if you aren’t paying attention
  • If you’re not watching, your line can get tangled in it pretty easily

3- Cajun Bowfishing Quick Draw Arrow Rest

Cajun Bowfishing Quick Draw Arrow Rest

Yet another style of full-containment rest is the Cajun Bowfishing Quick Draw Arrow Rest, which is a very simple rest that encloses the arrow in a full circle with a “keeper” to drop the arrow through and a shallow groove at the bottom of the loop to keep the arrow firing from the same spot every time.


  • Much faster and easier to load than a whisker biscuit
  • Does a great job keeping the arrow nocked
  • Simple to set up and use
  • Durable
  • Great arrow flight


  • If you don’t put the arrow bumper up when shooting, it can catch on the rest and screw up up the shot

4- Fin-Finder Hydro Glide Pro

Fin-Finder Hydro Glide Bowfishing Rest

There are also partial-containment rests, such as the Fin-Finder Hydro Glide Pro. This rest holds the arrow in a short channel, with the sidewalls of the channel acting as guides to ensure consistent, straight-arrow flight.


  • The all-metal design of the Hydro Glide Pro means that the rest is incredibly tough
  • The arrow can not move around much in rest, which means a lot more peace of mind


  • The initial adjustments are a bit confusing
  • The containment tabs sometimes aren’t the greatest

5- AMS Bowfishing Wave Rest

AMS Bowfishing Wave Rest

The AMS Wave rest is a roller-style rest similar to the Tidal Wave, but without the containment guard going over it.

This bowfishing rest has some containment on both sides of the arrow but nothing over-the-top, so it cannot be considered full-containment.


  • Great arrow rest for the money
  • The arrow runs smoothly off of it when shooting


There’s not a lot we don’t like about the AMS Wave Rest. The only thing we would change about the overall design is giving it something over the top so that you don’t have to focus so much on holding on to your arrow.

Not a big deal, but it would be a useful feature. Just our thoughts.

6- NAP Quicktune Anchor

NAP QuickTune Anchor Bowfishing Rest

Another partial-containment rest is the NAP Quicktune Anchor. This rest is a V-shaped rest that uses gravity to put the arrow in the exact same spot every time, ensuring consistency at the shot.

While this rest is essentially full-containment, it technically would be possible for the arrow to fall out…if the bow was held upside down.


  • Does a great job handling heavy fish arrows (unlike the Whisker Biscuit bowfishing rests, which often wear out over time when supporting heavy fish arrows)
  • Initial installation is very easy 
  • Glows in the dark, which makes it the ideal bowfishing rest for night fishing


The left side of the “diamond” part of the arrow rest cracked and broke off for someone we know. Could have just been a defective unit, but we feel it’s still worth mentioning 

7- Cajun Bowfishing ABF4400 Roller Arrow Rest

Cajun Bowfishing Roller Arrow Rest, ABF4400

Yet another style of rest is the open rest, which does little to keep the arrow from falling out of the cradle when shooting at weird angles.

Cajun Archery makes a very simple yet effective bowfishing roller rest, the ABF4400, which is little more than a nylon roller on a brass shaft.

Despite this rest being as simple as they come, it has been shown to increase arrow speed up to 10 FPS!


Easy to install and adjust


Not ideal for saltwater bowfishing- we’ve heard that the ABF4400 corrodes very quickly when bowfishing in saltwater

Wrapping it Up

This is just a small sampling of all the different bowfishing rests on the market today, there are many others available and new or improved models coming out each year.

Hopefully you enjoyed this article on the best bowfishing rests for 2021! Until next time, readers!