Florida Bowfishing Regulations

This article is designed to inform and educate Florida residents about bowfishing regulations in their state.

The sport of bowfishing has been around for a long time, and it is popular among many people. But it’s often difficult to understand all the various laws associated with this sport, as there are many different states with different rules and regulations regarding the practice of bowfishing.

What Are Florida Bowfishing Regulations?

Florida’s bowfishing regulations are changing from the old Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) system to the new Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) system.

You’ve probably noticed this “new” logo on your licenses, tags, etc., so let’s go over what has changed for bowfishing and what you can expect moving forward.

First off, there are new regulations for one specific type of fishing: Bowfishing. This means that any person who is using a bow as opposed to a firearm will be subject to different bow site-specific rules and requirements from those stated in Florida Statute 379.24.