Lews Mach 1 Vs Mach 2

The main difference between lew’s mach 1 and mach 2 is their gear ratio; mach 1 has a 6.8:1 gear ratio while mach 2 has a 7.5:1 gear ratio. In the world of fishing reels, lew’s embodies quality and innovation.

Two of their popular models, the mach 1 and mach 2, showcase these qualities. The primary distinction between these reels lies in their gear ratios. The mach 1 boasts a gear ratio of 6. 8:1, delivering a balance of power and speed.

On the other hand, the mach 2 features a higher gear ratio of 7. 5:1, enabling a swifter retrieval. It all boils down to personal preference and fishing style as to which option suits your needs best. Explore the features of these reels to make an informed decision on the perfect match for your angling adventures.

Lews Mach 1 Vs Mach 2

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Design And Construction

The design and construction of lew’s mach 1 and mach 2 fishing reels offer superior performance and durability. With innovative features and quality craftsmanship, these reels are perfect for avid anglers seeking optimal performance on the water.

The design and construction of a fishing reel play a vital role in its overall performance and durability. In this section, we will delve into the construction materials and durability of the lews mach 1 and mach 2, as well as the weight and ergonomic design.

Additionally, we will discuss the handle and grip design of these reels. So, let’s dive in and explore the key aspects of their design and construction.

Construction Materials And Durability:

The choice of construction materials significantly impacts the durability and longevity of a fishing reel. Here are the construction materials used in the lews mach 1 and mach 2, along with their durability features:

  • Graphite frame and side plates: The reels are constructed with lightweight yet durable graphite material, ensuring strength and longevity without adding unnecessary weight.
  • Aluminum spool: The aluminum spool enhances the reel’s durability while providing smooth casting and retrieval.
  • Stainless steel bearings: Both reels are equipped with high-quality stainless steel bearings, which are corrosion-resistant and offer smooth operation, ensuring long-term durability.
  • Carbon fiber drag system: The mach 1 and mach 2 reels feature a robust carbon fiber drag system that provides consistent and reliable drag performance, withstanding the rigors of intense fishing battles.

Weight And Ergonomic Design:

The weight and ergonomic design of a fishing reel greatly impact an angler’s comfort and overall fishing experience. Here’s what you need to know about the weight and ergonomic design of the lews mach 1 and mach 2:

  • Lightweight construction: Both reels are engineered with lightweight materials to reduce fatigue during long fishing sessions, allowing anglers to cast and retrieve without straining their wrists or arms.
  • Compact and ergonomic: The lews mach 1 and mach 2 reels boast a compact design with ergonomic features, such as a low-profile frame and comfortable grip, promoting a natural and comfortable hand position while maintaining control and sensitivity.

Handle And Grip Design:

The handle and grip design of a fishing reel contribute to the angler’s ability to control and maneuver the reel effectively. Here’s what sets apart the handle and grip design of the lews mach 1 and mach 2:

  • Winn dri-tac handle knobs: Both reels come equipped with winn dri-tac handle knobs, which offer a firm and comfortable grip, even in wet conditions. The material used in these handle knobs provides excellent traction and reduces hand fatigue during prolonged fishing sessions.
  • Double anodized aluminum handle: The mach 1 and mach 2 reels feature a double anodized aluminum handle that ensures durability while allowing for smooth and precise reel operation.
  • 95mm bowed aluminum handle: The extended 95mm bowed aluminum handle provides increased leverage for effortless cranking and improved control, making it easier to handle larger fish.

The lews mach 1 and mach 2 stand out in terms of design and construction. With high-quality construction materials, lightweight and ergonomic design, as well as advanced handle and grip features, these reels offer durability and comfort that enhance the overall fishing experience.

Performance And Features

Experience unmatched performance and exceptional features with the lew’s mach 1 and mach 2 reels. These reels offer top-notch performance, precision, and durability, making them the perfect choice for any angler looking to take their fishing game to the next level.

The lews mach 1 and mach 2 reels are both renowned for delivering exceptional performance and offering impressive features. In this section, we will compare the gear ratio and line capacity, drag system and braking mechanism, and casting distance and accuracy of these two fishing reels.

Gear Ratio And Line Capacity:

  • The lews mach 1 reel boasts a gear ratio of 7.5: 1, allowing anglers to retrieve their line quickly and efficiently.
  • Its line capacity is impressive as well, with the ability to hold approximately 160 yards of 12-pound monofilament line.
  • On the other hand, the lews mach 2 reel offers a slightly higher gear ratio of 8.0: 1, enabling even faster line retrieval.
  • This reel also provides generous line capacity, with the capability to hold around 150 yards of 14-pound monofilament line.

Drag System And Braking Mechanism:

  • The mach 1 reel is equipped with a smooth and reliable carbon fiber drag system. This feature ensures consistent pressure on the fish during the fight, reducing the risk of line breakage.
  • It also incorporates a centrifugal braking system, enabling anglers to make precise adjustments to control their casts with ease.
  • The mach 2 reel, on the other hand, comes with a robust drag system that delivers exceptional power and precision. Anglers can confidently tackle larger fish and apply the necessary pressure when needed.
  • This reel features a magnetic braking system, which provides excellent control and adjustability, allowing for smooth and accurate casts.

Casting Distance And Accuracy:

  • With its exceptional gear ratio and efficient line retrieval, the mach 1 reel excels in both casting distance and accuracy. Anglers can achieve impressive casting distances, reaching those hard-to-reach spots effortlessly.
  • The reel’s smooth operation and precise braking system contribute to overall casting accuracy, ensuring bait or lure placement with pinpoint precision.
  • The mach 2 reel further enhances casting performance, thanks to its higher gear ratio. Anglers can cast with even greater distance, covering more water and increasing the chances of hooking that elusive trophy fish.
  • This reel’s advanced braking system provides unmatched accuracy and control, allowing anglers to make precise casts to specific targets.

Both the lews mach 1 and mach 2 reels offer outstanding performance and an array of impressive features. The mach 1 excels in gear ratio and line capacity, while the mach 2 boasts a higher gear ratio and exceptional casting distance.

Both reels come with reliable drag systems and efficient braking mechanisms to enhance your fishing experience. Whether you prioritize speed, power, or accuracy, these reels are sure to elevate your fishing game to new heights.

Fishing Applications And Versatility

Lews mach 1 and mach 2 are two versatile fishing applications that offer a range of features. These high-performance reels provide anglers with the ultimate fishing experience, ensuring smooth casting and retrieval for a variety of fishing techniques. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced angler, the choice between these two models will depend on your specific fishing needs and preferences.

Freshwater Vs Saltwater Performance:

  • The lews mach 1 and mach 2 reels both excel in both freshwater and saltwater fishing applications, offering reliable performance in a range of environments.
  • Both models are designed with corrosion-resistant materials, ensuring durability and longevity even in harsh saltwater conditions.
  • The reels’ smooth drag systems allow for effortless line control and consistent pressure when battling fish, whether you’re targeting freshwater species or testing your skills against saltwater giants.
  • With their precision engineering and quality components, the mach 1 and mach 2 perform equally well in both freshwater and saltwater setups, providing anglers with versatile options for their fishing adventures.

Target Species And Fishing Techniques:

  • The lews mach 1 and mach 2 reels cater to a wide range of target species and fishing techniques, making them highly versatile tools for anglers.
  • Whether you’re targeting bass, trout, crappie, or other freshwater species, the mach reels offer the sensitivity and control needed for finesse fishing techniques like drop shotting, wacky rigging, and jigging.
  • In saltwater environments, these reels are perfect for pursuing species like redfish, snook, and speckled trout, as well as inshore gamefish such as tarpon and snapper.
  • With their smooth retrieves and sturdy build, the mach 1 and mach 2 are suitable for various fishing techniques, including casting, trolling, and bottom fishing, ensuring that anglers can adapt to different situations on the water with ease.

Adjustable Settings And Adaptability:

  • One of the key features that sets the lews mach 1 and mach 2 reels apart is their adjustable settings, allowing anglers to fine-tune their gear to suit specific fishing conditions.
  • Both reels offer adjustable braking systems, such as magnetic or centrifugal brakes, which help control backlash and improve casting accuracy, especially when using lighter lures or fishing in windy conditions.
  • The mach reels also come with adjustable drag systems, enabling anglers to apply the ideal amount of pressure when battling powerful fish.
  • Whether you’re fishing in freshwater or saltwater, the mach 1 and mach 2 reels provide the adaptability needed to meet the demands of different fishing scenarios. By customizing settings to match the conditions and target species, anglers can optimize their chances of success on the water.

The lews mach 1 and mach 2 reels excel in freshwater and saltwater applications, offering versatility, durability, and adjustable settings to cater to various fishing techniques and target species. Whether you’re a freshwater angler seeking bass or a saltwater enthusiast targeting inshore gamefish, these reels provide the performance and reliability needed to enhance your fishing experience.

Upgrade to the lews mach series and take your fishing game to the next level.


The comparison between lews mach 1 and mach 2 reveals that both models offer impressive features for fishing enthusiasts. The mach 1 boasts a powerful drag system and smooth performance, making it suitable for beginners and experienced anglers alike. On the other hand, the mach 2 excels in its lightweight design and increased line capacity, giving anglers the ability to cast long distances and tackle larger fish.

While the mach 1 may be more budget-friendly, the mach 2 offers additional benefits for those willing to invest in a higher-end reel. Ultimately, the choice between the two will depend on personal preferences and specific fishing needs. Regardless of which model you choose, both the lews mach 1 and mach 2 are reliable options that will enhance your fishing experience.

So, whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or a competitive fishing tournament, make sure to consider these incredible reels from lews. Happy fishing!